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LED Light Wall Stage Kit

Technical specifications

Author C_You from VideoHive
Operating Systems Windows & MAC
Type Video Template
Category Elements > Backgrounds > Light
Files Included After Effects Project Files
Soft Adobe After Effects
Resolution 1920x1080
After Effects Version CC 2015
Requires Plugins Trapcode Shine, Element 3D v2
Uses Plugins Trapcode Shine, Element 3D v2
Universal Expressions No
Media Placeholders 1
Text Placeholders 1
Length 00:00:40
Created 13 October 17
Last Update 13 October 17
File Size 240.9Mb

About template

Please ! read the description before purchase – thanks a lot

NOTE: Automatic generated Previews has low quality – original file is high quality and smooth

After Effects Template

This is a very unique Flashing Lights KIT to create your own background 3D Light Wall Stage or a 2D lookingVJ LED Panel by real 3D usage direct in After Effects. Because it is forbidden by Video Copilot to sell any renders out of Element 3D in any video marketplace I sadly cannot offer Motion Graphic Clips out of this item. So I decided to give you a full access AE version to have way more options than a set of 2D flashing light videos. With this unique 3D light wall KIT you are able to create your own great pattern animation. Just place the premade parts or create yourself great patterns with the needed After Effects Version and the Required Plugins. This KIT will boost your projects with a great 3D neon flash look and you have the possibilty for changing everything of the template and no pre-renders are used. Easy change the animation and colors or add any content with alpha like greenscreen or titles with animated shapes into the 3D studio scene within minutes – Render and Smile

  • 3D studio with usage of the content display (mostly for singer or dancer I guess) works best with the template still cam
  • By use the content object you cannot rotate your cam freely – just a little bit as you see in preview with the dancing girl
  • By use 3D studio only or add a 3D object (E3D group 5) without the content object you CAN of course rotate your cam freely
  • If you use actor greenscreens only use ONE actor or comp some single actors side by side for a singing group – more people have to have their feets nearly in same horizon line for proper shadows
  • If you change the cam for the 3D studio and then switch to VJ Panel it will be lost in space – so for VJ Panel just use the standard cam and not touch it
  • The lightshow is mapped onto a block of 4 light boxes – all others are replicated – so you cannot have one big single image onto the wall
  • Only experienced AE-E3D user should use own cams or 3D objects
  • Video Copilot Element 3D V2 (2.2)
  • Trapcode Shine V2 (2.0.2)
  • β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”
  • PLEASE make sure you have the latest version of all required software installed and running
  • Big Show or Opener
  • Music Videos
  • Real Studio LED Panel VJ Loops
  • Video Channel Backgrounds
  • Product Promos
  • Special Event Promo
  • App Releases
  • Game Projects
  • Action and Sport Projects
  • Fashion and Award
  • Personal Projects
  • All Objects and Options available in this KIT
  • 3D Studio Light Wall Setup
  • 2D looking Panel (but still a 3D object in E3D)
  • 5 Light Walls
  • 3 Light Panels
  • 6 Stages
  • 3 Floors
  • 30 Short Lightshow Parts (simple animated white shapes)
  • Content Display (FullHD) in 3D space with a prekeyed greenscreen video of a dancing girl
  • Flying Cube as a demo of using + animate your own 3D object in E3D group 5
  • Everything in Demo is just made by keyframing the customize settings in your control layers (values – switch on-off – colors)
  • No pre-renders – all is done inside After Effects and you can edit everything of the template
  • Created in After Effects CC 2015 and also exported for CC 2014 (should work)
  • Everything is created in ONE AE file – so no need to recreate all the design/colors for another wall design or panel
  • Duration is flexible to your cut (trim the render comp) – but the template is build with 1000 frames (0:40)
  • 3D Studio Wall Mode
  • 2D VJ Panel Mode
  • Looped Background feature – because evey single lightshow part starts + ends on black
  • 1 content object to place any text or logo or alpha content like product images or prekeyed greenscreen videos of an actor
  • Empty E3D Group 5 is left for use any integrated 3D content like obj or basic E3D objects – ONLY useful for experienced E3D user
  • Well written expressions for use in other languages
  • Soundtrack from preview is NOT included
  • Video with the dancing girl from preview is NOT included
  • Full HD 1920Γ—1080
  • 25 fps
  • Video Tutorial
  • Average Render time is about 40 min for 10 seconds of animation on a MAC 8-core 32 GB RAM 6 GB Graphic
The amazing soundtrack from preview you can find here
The dancing girl from preview you can find here
  • 100% After Effects – Beginner should only customize the content and others can edit everything in detail
  • Place the premade lightshow parts in the needed order to get your lightshow animation
  • Create your own lightshow parts by easy use animated white shapes
  • Switch between 3D Studio Wall and the VJ Panel
  • Change all objects by just set ONE different value
  • Change all colors
  • Adjust size and cam distance of the 3D Studio Walls
  • Adjust size and cam distance of the 2D FullHD Content Object (a 2D flying rectangle in 3D space)
  • Adjust size and cam distance of the 3D Stages
  • Set light amount of light box lamps
  • Set light glow amount of light box lamps
  • Set the amaount of light box neon tubes
  • Set the amaount of Stage LEDs
  • Set the moving speed of Stage LEDs
  • Set light amount of the backwall (behind the 3D light wall)
  • Switch on-off light walls (make it off to get only the backwall reflections of the lightshow (in preview where the title is shown)
  • Switch on-off stages
  • Switch on-off the content display
  • Keyframe your customize settings to get them animated or make object changes from one frame to the next
  • Use your own sound files
Customize Service

If you not have the required software/knowledge/time or just need a special version for your company – no problem. I can customize and render the template for you – just drop me a mail at my profile and let me know what you need.