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Smallicons — 220 Animated Icons

Technical specifications

Author Pixel_buddha from VideoHive
Operating Systems Windows & MAC
Type Video Template
Category Elements > Countdown > Miscellaneous
Resolution resizable
Files Included After Effects Project Files
Soft Adobe After Effects
After Effects Version CC 2014, CC, CS6
Created 20 May 15
Last Update 29 June 16
File Size 194Mb

About template


List of Icons

Ai, airplane, aqua, archive, art, backpack, bamboo, bank, baseball, basketball, bawling, bell, bill, billiards, bitcoin, blueprints, book, bookmarks, bookshelf, bowtie, box, bread, briefcase, browser, bubble, bus, cake, calc, calendar, candel, candy, car, card, case, chair, chalkboard, chart, chat, cheeze, chemistry, chiken, chips, christmas, clock, cloud, cloud & sun, cloudy & lightning, cloudy & rain, cloudy & snow, cloudy & wind, cloudy night, cocktail, coffee, death star, diamond, doc-archive, dollar, donut, drop, duck, egg, eraser, euro, eye, femail, finish, flag, folder, folder-upload, football, galaxy, gamepad, glasses, glove, golf, graph, guitar combo, hamburger, hand, handbag, hat, headphones, hotdog, house, htc one, ice, imac, image, ipad, iphone, kettle, key, keyboard, knife, lamp, layer, lemon, letter, lightbulb, lightning, lightning & sun, lights, lock, macbook, mailbox, male, map, marker, mcfly, meat, medal, medals, medecine, megaphone, microwave, milk, money, moon, mountain, mouse, muffin, new, news, night & lightning, night & rain, night & snow, night & wind, note, notepad, open letter, pacifier, pacman, paint, paper, patch, pdf, pencil, photo, piano, piggy, pill, pin, pizza, pound, printer, processor, profile, ps4, PSD, r2d2, rain & sun, rocket, rugby, ruler, save, scissors, server, settings, share, shield, shirt, shopbag, shorts, shrub, skull, snow & sun, snowlake, speakers, speed, sun, swither, sword, table, tactics, tea, teddy bear, termometr, text, ticket, timer, toaster, toque, train, trash, tray, tshirt, tv, ufo, umbrella, video, vinyl, wallet, wand, watch, web camera, wind & sun, wine, x-box one, yena, yin-yang, zippo, zoom-minus, zoom-plus.


Soundtrack by TimMcMorris.